Legends of Summer

I might have been the first girl to buy my Legends of Summer tickets on pre sale for Justin Timberlake’s July 17 show this summer. Okay, so maybe I wasn’t, but I’m beyond excited to see him making music and touring again; it’s been a while since 2007!  

In anticipation for his summer show, I started back tracking on his music, career, and achievements.

It’s really crazy to see Justin’s transformation as an artist. His sound and style have had the industry’s greatest (and best looking) growth spurt. 

*round of applause*

The precious ‘N Sync days are long gone, as he revamped his look and sound over the Justified and FutureSex/Love Sounds era. Here we are, the present day with his signature refined vocals, and dapper R&B sound that we love in his 20/20 experience.




Suited up

A Few Reasons Why I Love This Guy:

I’ve grown up listening to his music. His vocals and beats have kept me dancing. His hits pumped through the speakers at elementary school dances (recall: dimly lit gymnasium packed with preteens grooving to ‘Sexy Back’)

Señorita‘s jazzy piano ballad has always made me feel so girly, sexy, and sensational, lol. It’s my dance-infront-of-the-mirror-with-a-hair-brush song staple.

Whether is was a much-needed a pick-me-up, a party, jamming in the car with the family, his music was always there cheering me up, making me feel pretty and all that jazz.

I’m blabbing on.

I feel like everyone has an artist that they would go out of their way to see or follow-up on. No matter how long they have been on hiatus.

Which artists do that for you guys?…




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